Graswald Still Maintained?

Newbie to Blender, but previously with C4D and Maya, and was big with EIAS and FormZ many years ago.

Question: I bought Graswald off BlenderMarket a couple of days ago, because I liked the approach and look, but have been unable to load it as an AddOn into Blender 2.91.2 (GW v3.13). It just failed to load in as an option, and refreshing the list did nothing. Now, could be operator error, I can be an idiot, or could be it just broke on the current version. I don’t want to version back, though I should just to test, because I’m a long way into a $$$ project with this version. I emailed GW a couple of different ways, but have received no answer. So, I know I could get a refund, but I’d rather just make it work. Or, is it zombie software and there’s a better package I should use? Thanks in advance!

I might be a clueless newbie. I couldn’t get it to load in 2.83.12 either. I’m opening the AddOns panel in Preferences, then clicking on Install and navigating to the GW Pro 3.13 folder, then either opening the folder or selecting the INIT file within. And nothing happens. Hit refresh, and still nothing. Am I doing it right? I looked for install instructions in the product and didn’t see any, and looked in the Blender manual and didn’t see any, either. So… what am I missing? Is there a secret install method I don’t know about?

I don’t use version 2.91 but 2.83 and Graswald works fine.
Have you tried enabling the add-on after installing by checking the box next to it?


So ‘Install an add-on’ and locate the .zip > Select the .zip > After installation check the box.
You can use Graswald in the side panel by pressing ‘N’.


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As Teun said you have to select the .zip file not the INIT.
Using the zip file is not unique to Graswald but for installing addons in Blender in general.

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Thank you guys. I got it enabled at least. I I would never in a million years have guessed the ZIP file. There’s nothing I could see about that in the manual. Now I have to figure out how to apply it. Would be helpful if documentation was provided. How does everyone else figure these things out?

I see where the information is now, having searched the manual for ZIP - it was under Preferences -> Add-Ons, rather than under the main Add-Ons listing. RTFM! And thanks again.

And BTW, it seems to be working in 2.91.2 as well, FWIW.

Most addon developers have instructions regarding the zip file in their manual. Not sure about graswald.

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They have some videos which I hadn’t seen. Basically, a previously stated, I’m an idiot. Apologies for taking up your time. Correction - I got Graswald to load into 2.91.2 ONCE, and not thereafter. So I’m rebuilding my project in 2.83.