Grave of swords

Seen this sculpture shared by vaati on tumblr today and immediately decided to make something similar. I am also using this concept art. Started with environment, will make the wolf later. So far I’ve made a quick blockout, swords and small tombstones placed with particles, greatsword is from a previous project, though I plan on remaking it completely.

Progress ahead.

I like it. it reminds me of the keyblade war

perhaps your swords could have variance like that

Yeah, I’d rather keep away from Nomura-style bullcrap, and stay with western fantasy horseshit.

Anyway, I made 3 tombstones (have to work on texturing a bit still) and 4 swords, and I think I hit a roadblock - I’ve never sculpted any animals before, and it might take a while before I achieve results I’m satisfied with. Crap.

Progressing, but it still looks so fucking fake, and it’s starting to seriously piss me off!

Any tips?