Gravity Question

Hello Blender Artists! Does anyone know a way of changing an object’s gravity in the game engine? If so, does it require python? If anyone can help me with this, or start me off with a simple script, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

Yes it can be done yes it does require python and no its not worth doing. it gets weird effects, and its far more efficent to make it a rigid body with locked axis’s and add the force yourself.

heres a . blend anyway


Gravity 2.69.blend (566 KB)

Thank you so much Kylona!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. If there’s anything you ever need help with, well, I might not be able to help you (I’m not great with python), but I’ll try! :slight_smile: Thanks again.

you don’t even have to lock the axis. You can simply apply a force upwards equal to the up force you want, or subtracting from the force of gravity. E. G if you want it to be 2 Newton of gravity, use 9.8 - your gravity. Apply it globally.

Thanks agoose77! I’ll try your method out as well, and then see which way works best for what I need. Maybe I’ll combine the 2 ideas. Thanks for replying. :slight_smile: