Gravity Rope

Hi all,
I’m very proud to release my new add-on Gravity Rope!

What is Gravity Rope ?

Gravity Rope is a simulation tool made for artist and motion designer. It’s a user-friendly add-on which allow you to create ropes and to simulate different materials easily.

This tool introduces a new complete workflow that allows you to carry out several very advanced rope animation. It support the collision of ropes and pendulums, it also reacts to the wind and it’s even breakable!

Available tutorial

Main functions

  • Material preset (Cotton, Nylon, Paper, Rope, Elastic…)
  • Collisions
  • breakage
  • initial support for winds
  • pendulums
  • hook/fall tails
  • baking (.abc sequence) with autoload
  • extract vertex position of the rope
  • manually draw path
  • closter/scater ropes to selected object
  • bridge ropes to selected (two) objects

Road map

  • Self-collision
  • more easyer rope attachment
  • Pendulums on closter
  • closter/scater rope using particles
  • bridge over all selected objects

If you have purchased one of my add-on please use the following code to get 20% discount “AlreadyIK3D20”, thanks for your support!



I have a feature request about adding an option to customize the tab (if you haven’t already added it yet) :


Could you add an option (in the add-on preferences) to give users the choice of the location for the tab where the addon is displayed?
(in order to be able to move the add-on from its default tab to a custom one)

As you may already know, with more add-ons adding a new tab into the N panel, the later can easily become vertically overcrowded with many tabs.
Here is a related topic about this issue:

Some users might want to move these tabs elsewhere (in “Tools” or “Edit” for example, or anywhere else).

Some add-ons already have this possibility and tbh, it’s a very convenient option for the user.
I think that if most of addon developers consented to add this option, you (the devs) would succeed to fix “ the N panel tabs clutter ”. :+1:

You could have a look at these (free) add-ons, they already feature an option to customise the tab, maybe you could borrow the code to implement it into Radial Array and Instances.

Backface Hiding source code:

SpeedRetopo source code:

Thank you in advance.

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thanks for supporting my project! :blush:
very good, yes I’ll add this for next release (by Monday)

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