GrayTalesProject RPG - Modeller needed!

Hey Guys,

i’m Bennz and the leader of the GrayTalesProject(GTP)!

We’re going to create an singleplayer (but a little multiplayer-fighting option) fantasy RPG and we’re searching for someone who has the needed knowhow in blender, to create characters, landscape, environment etc. You don’t have to do everything, 2 blenderartists are already in our team, but we urgently need reinforcement! If you want to join us, just answer here, write a message to me or a mail to:
[email protected]

We’re a German team, but every other country is also okay. Every Member knows how to make himself understanded in English.

Project Date’s:

Fantasy RPG

Game Style:
bird’s-eye view RPG-Stlye with Turn-Based fighting system

Gray, our Main Character is chased by the “Inquisition”, an organisation which wants to kill every creature in their land, which is magic. Gray had inherit the magic ability from his father, so the Inquisition catched him and deport him into the prision island, called “Blâdveeden”. Every magic creature is captured there, and no escape is insight.
It didn’t last long and the collected magic energy of hundreds of magic humans and creatures summon great darkness…

Our team:

We’re a German Team of 9 Members,
4 Storywriters,
3 Grafic-Guys (and Girls)
2 Blender Artists

In Blender we doesn’t have enough knowledge to create the sprites we want to use for our game (we doesn’t use blender as Engine), so we need someone who have a bit more knowledge than us.

Does this sound interesting? Please write us!


(Sorry for bad English)


also germany? great =)

Wel I dont know why so many people want to create fanatasy games (they need a very good story as a base and a great concept) because there are many many many … fantasy games and these are games which will normally played many hours or have the goal for this.

Read an article last time on golem:

There is a shift of players from playing long games to short games.
They want to play more short games (mobile? with friends - coop?, splitscreen …?) for a short time (hey we have 15 minutes time till … lets play a round … together)

But a turn based fantasy rpg? Sound interesting.

Something about the story: when they want to kill these people or creatures, why do they just inprison them and they are alive?
How long is the planned story? Enough for a full book? Different paths in the story based on the players decisions?

Do you use UDK or Unity as engine?
Would be interesting to see the people behind the team - I like to exchange knowledge and learn from other artists and what they do (mediengestalter? grafikdesigner?)

Are there already pictures or artworks or some proof of concept … of the game?

So you just need sprites or more like you introduced in your post?