Grease Musical reproduction: Digital Setpieces

Hello there,

Last week there has been a re-enactment of Grease at my highschool. My teacher, who organizes the whole production, asked me if I could make some images that would support the scenes. I don’t really know how I should call the things I made, but I like to name it something like digital scenery or setpieces.

Everything except for textures were made in Blender and rendered with Cycles. Textures were created with Substances (look it up, extremely useful!) and later on modified in Photoshop to suite my needs. Because of lack of Time I downloaded a model for the Chevvy you see in the garage and the Drive-in Cinema, it was licensed CC. These images were shown on 2 beamers, each screen was about 2 meters wide.

So here are the images and I hope you like 'em!

Hope you liked them :slight_smile: