Grease Pencil 2D Animation Training Videos

Hello. There are a growing number of function-filled training videos being developed for the Grease Pencil Animation suite of tools. There is even an optimized Grease Pencil U.I. - if you like.

Videos are short and to the point - with many keyboard and mouse shortcuts demonstrated.

All of the current Grease Pencil functions are only available in the “Blender Builder” latest releases of Blender 2.78.

Here is the inclusive Playlist for all Grease Pencil Training Videos (of my authorship):

Grease Pencil Video Training

I hope you enjoy these,

Greg Smith

Thanks for putting these together. The Grease Pencil in Blender is quite a unique tool among 3D programs and we need these type of training vids to showcase it.

How about scripting tutorial? just show in your videos these two scripts:

first script creates ladder-like gp stroke on the 3d-cursor location (works only after something was drawn).
Second one makes positions of selected gp points more descrete.

import bpy

n = 1
C = bpy.context.scene.cursor_location

Zmult = 1
Ymult = 1
count = 11

# works only after something already was drawn
GP =[0]
CN =
NS =
NS.draw_mode = '3DSPACE'

for P, i in zip(NS.points, range(count)): = C
    pp = NS.points[i-1]
    if i>0:
        if n==1:
            n = 0
            n = 1
import bpy
from math import *

for S in[0]
    for P in S.points:
        X =
        Y =
        Z =
   = (ceil(X),ceil(Y),ceil(Z))


Thanks for these short and informative videos.
Beautiful display of shortcuts … I learned some good workflows Thank you … :slight_smile:



Thanks for the suggestion. I’m totally open to post some videos on script usage. I have only one request - and that is for script writers to describe fully WHY I would want or need to use their script. Be deSCRIPTive.

Graphics provided to clarify script importance will help me to decide which scripts are useful and which scripts would benefit from having an in-depth video (these are the only kind I make) made to feature them.

Greg Smith


You are quite welcome. I am so glad you found the videos useful - helping you sort out Grease Pencil Workflows.

Greg Smith

A quick Frame-by-Frame example - using a little bit of Automatic In-Betweening.

Greg Smith

Here are revealed all the secrets of the Jumping, One-Legged Man.

It’s not necessary to have a steady hand or to use a graphics tablet, even. Grease Pencil has phenomenal smoothing tools for drawn shapes - both for smoothing during Drawing and for “Sculpting” - after the fact.

A very convincing animation that progresses and advances across the screen can be created with only a couple of drawings - and a couple of Sculpting Tools - along with Blender’s Rotation, Scaling and Grabbing Tools.

You should have watched a couple of the first videos before you watch this one:

Greg Smith

Grease Pencil is marvelous in making an advancing Walk a relatively simple thing - streamlining the introduction of variation:

Let’s uncover these mysteries,

Greg Smith

There will probably be at least a trickle of 2D animators (with no previous Blender experience) migrating to Blender because of Grease Pencil. I got acquainted with GP through the thread “Other Software” in the Moho/Anime Studio forum (Lost Marble), where Greg Smith and some others posted links to YouTube tutorials. I’m pretty excited about the possibilities of 2D animating with the Blender Builder release 2.78 and look forward to Greg and other expert users uncovering more of “the mysteries” of GP. - Steve

Pardon me . . . err . . . Steve:

Yes, I believe you’re right.

In this video we examine and construct the advancing walk cycle of the TWO-Legged Man (of sorts) - further unlocking the power of the Grease Pencil 2D Animation Suite of tools:

I hope you enjoy this,

Greg Smith

Ooooh. That’s how the auto-tweener works. My dreams of emulating Paperman’s style in Blender can now be a reality.

As expected, this was more very rewarding hard work. Can’t say my 2-legged man walks as elegantly as yours, but I think I’m getting the hang of working this way. Bone animation might be faster, but offers less freedom.

Concerning wishes for the next tutorial, can I vote twice for being in two forums with you? :stuck_out_tongue:

With the knowledge from your videos so far, I think it should be possible to animate a complex character. That makes it hard to decide what to wish for. Background objects at different distances, switch layer equivalents, more uses of animated shape order, possibilities of coloring? Why don’t you just give us what you’ve been exploring, and simplify it for us mortals?