Grease Pencil - Blender 2.8 Alpha 2 - 3d Sketch!

Anyone try Grease Pencil in Blender 2.8? It lets you draw in 3d!


Wow! That’s pretty slick. Nice drawing and yes, the grease pencil looks like an amazing tool. I’m waiting for the official, stable release.

Thanks so much KurtF! The beta should be out in about a week or two, followed by the official release candidate in early 2019, but the alpha version right now has a ton of great stuff in it. I wouldn’t use it for any official projects tho since things are still subject to change.

Anyway, here’s the blend file for those interesteddarthfurby-catlady.blend (2.8 MB)

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awesome stuff.

Yes, I thinh the grease pencil part is a real gamechanger in this blender release.
I mean this is something really unique and an opening to a whole new branch of creativity…
An this being integrated with all the rest of 3d tools available in 2.8 gives just a crazy amount of possibilities.

Just can’t wait for all the impressive stuff to be created using this tool.
Your drawing shows a lot of potential.
Are you working on some bigger project with this ?

Jarek D (DJ)

Thanks so much Jarek! I agree, grease pencil is definitely a game changer. Until now, drawing in 3d has been limited to VR painting apps with tools worse than MS Paint, but grease pencil is like VR without the headset and great drawing tools!

The above image was practice for a grease pencil video tutorial that I’m working on.

and it’s not just 3d painting/drawing
but animation as well…

  • all the power of the other tools in blender combined

insane :slight_smile:

Very nice but this is 2D drawing and not 3D.

Garagefarm - Yep the combination of Blender’s 3d and 2d tools are pretty crazy, there’s nothing like it on the market right now. The face can be animated using interpolation, and it can be rigged and posed like a 3d model while looking like 2d hand drawn animation. This is definitely a new thing and a leap forward in animation tech.

Thanks Ricky3, it’s drawn using traditional 2d methods(no 3d modeling involved) but it moves and rotates in 3d space like a 3 model.

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