[Grease Pencil] cycling an animation

Hey hi everybody,

haven’t called for help in a long time ! I’m using grease pencil in a project to paint a title and have it wiggle a bit. To do so I’ve copied the first keyframe a couple times and sculpted it a bit on each frame so that it looks slightly different from the previous frame, and the effect comes out pretty nice.
However I’d now like to cycle these keyframes so that the animation keeps playing indefinitely, but I can’t find an option for this. No modifiers seem to have this effect, and the shift+e shortcut in dopesheet does nothing on grease pencil objects. I know it’s all been refactored and is about to land in 2.83 but I have a deadline coming up…
Is there a way to cycle grease pencil keyframes without having to hard-copy/paste them a thousand times ?



So I tinkered a bit and it’s possible to control this by adding a Time Offset modifier in “fixed frame” mode and animating the “frame” property, and giving it a cycle with an f-curve modifier. This should probably be streamlined… SOLVED for now !

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