Grease Pencil - Keeping Cursor While Drawing


Grease pencil is amazing and full of features to really make 2d animation very fluid and awsome! But there still is one thing the draws me back from drawing on it: the cursor disappears when you make a stroke.

The option “show brush” only shows it while hovering the pen, when you press it the only thing that shows is the stroke.

You can see on the video below how the cursor disappears while drawing.

I heard in another thread that this feature probably was requested by the GP team, but I think there should be an option to maintain the round black cursor while drawing. I understand they probably are using drawing “displays” like a Cintiq, but for everyone else that uses drawing “tablets” like an intuos pro, not having the cursor is a big pain. It gets hard to keep track of cursor position, specially when drawing the color fills.

One other thing to add would be to actually disable the windows default cursor while in GP mode. If we have that small very good black circle, there is no need for the arrow cursor on top. Maybe this is just a prolem with the build I used, because the one before kept the arrow hidden.

Anyway, if there is already an option to keep the cursor while drawing, I would be glad to know, because I still haven’t found anything like that. If not, I think this is a feature request then! haha.

Please let me know if this issue is already solved or if there is another forum directed towards GP discussion, which could reach the GP team faster.


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totally with you but i would leave option for “windows cursor” for users who still find it usefull. Cause in some situations its not that bad. If you have small black dot/crosshair or anything vs white background it will work ok but what if your backgroud is black and your little 3x3pixels cursor is black to?
Here is interesting elaboration on this topic from Krita.

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Oh yeah I undestand! I also think this should be an option, after all Blender is not like that company with a fruit logo! We can have a choice! hahaha.

So actually this raises another suggestion: using a small cursor that has both black and white pixels, like the one from Krita or Lazy Nezumi. They show in any situation.

Screenshot_304 Screenshot_305 Screenshot_306

Screenshot_307 Screenshot_308 Screenshot_309

What is a ‘windows cursor’?

By “windows cursor” i mean, Microsoft Windows default Arrow pointer


I don’t think it makes sense to add an option for the Windows 95 arrow pointer. Especially would seem weird for users of Linux and macOS.

A normal, modern, crisp arrow cursor looks like this:


Also, most paint apps have bespoke cursors just for painting. They don’t use arrow pointers, if they use a cursor at all.

Dont know from what version of windows this cursor is. Its just to illustrate what i mean by windows cursor. You can add whatever modern arrow/pointer you like.
Ive linked Krita variants. I do not see why we should not borrow similar ideas.

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IMHO, the area that desperately needs the arrow pointer cursor is the Edit Mode. :smile:

any way to work around this? I cant work i have 0 clue where my cursor is, if i use a tablet. Its extremely frustrating

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a simple triangle could do the trick as well. Or for example Photoshop’s brush icon is also good choice.
The Cross we have now is hard to locate on the screen. Th circle"brush" thing is annoying.
other software solved this issue.Why reinvent the wheel.
Triangle,mouse cursor or brush or pen icon.

He just means to use the OS-supplied default pointer cursor, which is exactly what happens in Blender when we select SYSCURSOR as cursor. It just skips our “custom cursor” code and lets the OS draw the cursor itself. The cursor used in Object Mode, for example, uses this.

This seems to be what I would love to see in edit mode. :slight_smile:
Is there an easy way to enable that for the edit mode? Can it become a checkbox option in the preferences?

Yes, let’s have fun with cursors after the 2.80 freeze. Have some threads here and/or devtalk where can have some fun proposing and designing some alternative cursors for different uses. The limited resolution and colors can make for some interesting challenges as you’ve seen.

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Did anyone solve this.
I also keep getting that annoying mouse cursor while drawing in Grease Pencil Blender 2.8.

Appearance - show brush - deselect.
Cannot disable the black cursor arrow.