Grease Pencil materials for imported SVG - where is the color information stored/updated?

I’ve recently finished a Grease Pencil animation project which I designed in Inkscape, so each scene was imported into Blender using Import > SVG as Grease Pencil.

Something that I found strange was that the color materials behaved very differently on shapes from SVGs compared to shapes created in Grease Pencil itself.

Here’s an example svg:

<svg width="1000" height="1000" xmlns="">
    cx="500" cy="500" r="460"/>

On the right is the SVG circle in Blender, and on the left is a circle drawn in Grease Pencil, with a material that I created manually. This is with ‘Rendered’ Viewport Shading:

And this is ‘Solid’ Viewport Shading:

Interestingly, importing the SVG as Grease Pencil does not create a new material with a fill of #ff883e and stroke of #6c2c04 as I would have expected. Instead, it creates a Material called ‘Both’ with a grey stroke and black fill - this is the same material used for all objects from an SVG with a stroke and a fill, regardless of what colors they might be.

What I don’t understand is where is the orange color information stored? What is making this black-and-grey circle orange? Can I access / update / animate that color? I can’t find any modifiers or effects on the object.

Of course I can manually create GP materials and then assign them to the shapes, but it just feels like there’s something magic going on which I don’t understand.

I’m a new blenderartists user so I can’t upload a .blend file but you can try it yourself pretty quickly!

I can’t check right now to test and confirm, but I would guess Vertex Colors.


Yes! that’s it! thank you :slight_smile:
I just switched into Vertex Paint mode and I’m able to shift HSV values, invert, etc.
It’ll take me a bit more playing around before I feel confident using it but I’m looking forward to exploring!

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