Grease Pencil Merge in Blender 2.8

The Grease Pencil merge in Blender 2.8 just appened !

Enjoy :smiley:


Another note, people rolling their own builds shouldn’t do it right at that commit (as there’s been some followup fixes immediately afterward).

Good to see it finally come in. Go ahead Antonio, you deserve a break from your tireless and dedicated work over the last year to get the project done (especially after all of the work to actually get it to where it can be merged).


I am not sure if I understand correctly what Pablo Says in the video, but can the grease pencil be rendered on top of EEVEE with F12 ?

This is awesome for some 2D FX, can’t wait to see what people will come up with that :smiley:

It seems to render on top of 3d stuff for me in a quick test.

I’m very impressed at how user-friendly it is. It’s probably the most polished area of Blender at the moment. I hope areas like Texture Paint get brought up to the same level. Anyway, here’s some sketches done with it. I still haven’t tried animation with it yet.

Blend file—requires 2.8 obviously


Congratulations to GP team!
No doubt new GP is one of the most important additions in 2.8.
Thank you for this.

Yes, a quick test here too, and GP monkey is added to F12 render in both, Cycles and Eevee (it does not interact with lighting)

Interesting. How you did that?
This makes for a nice toon stuff.

GP is something I never cared about, so I know nothing about it :smile:

where how to download this new version?

It should be in the Daily tomorrow :slight_smile: But if you want it tonight you will have to build it on your own :confused:


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Apparently they have pushed buildbot to build new 2.8 with new Grease Pencil.

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okay downloaded tried.
still no curve tool.
line tool yes. no continuous draw option for it tho.
and you would think the relevant properties window would switch to brush properties in brush mode.
complaints aside, progress I guess.
still crashed if I try open it anywhere but program files folder.

If the build appened right after the commit of the merge, it might have a lot of bug, there have been some bug fixes after it, so it might be worth waiting tomorrow IMO :slight_smile:

Looks nice. Any plans for grease pencil python API improvement?

There’s no armature modifier :frowning_face: but I tried out some simple rigging with the hook modifier.



I have a question. I know that you can press Interpolate in edit mode to create tweening/interpolated frames, but is it possible or is it in the works that that it can be done automatically and always being on? More like regular keyframes. It would be really cool and speed things up immensely.

I think you can do it but it is not automatic, there was a demo of it before Hero came out, but don’t know if they kept the option, I will try to find the video

Edit : found it
I think it is really powerful, you can generate all the frames and tweaks them just with a curve

There is no f-curve available for grease pencil animations.
Interpolation type have to be set before making interpolation.
But we can duplicate layer to have a draft layer to test interpolation.

For multiframe editing, unfortunately, select tools (border select, circle) are not working with Grease Pencil keys in dopesheet.

Wow, I love how responsive the pen is in Grease pencil, it feels better than some paint programs. I think I’ll be exploring 2D animation in Blender now.

merge just commited yesturday, and already awesome.

Sure, not all is totally working, there are crashes, and some UI need some tweaking, but we already feel that the final 2.8 release with grease pencil will be awesome.
2.8 with that new interface is just great. The direction took, and the communication arround the blender project give a very powwerfull, open and accessible software.
I’m just waiting for Grease pencil since a year, I’m very “new” in blender, but I feel like the possibilities it offers are infinites :slight_smile:

Thanks for that huge work since those last years.