Grease pencil onion skin transparency is messed up/becoming white

I am finding that the onion skinning for grease pencil is practically unusable because of how things become when I go into draw mode. Once the transparency drops below a certain threshold, it becomes white and invasive. So the onion skin effectively becomes lost in a sea of white marks. I have included two screenshots. One of them shows what it looks like in “object” mode. The second screenshot shows what it looks like in “draw” mode. I want what I can see in object mode, in draw mode. it would be more useful to me when I am drawing.

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I’m experiencing the exact same thing! It gets even worse if you have a dark background. Right now I’m trying to draw over a reference image, which isn’t white, so it’s becoming a huge headache.

Here is an example of what it looks like. The outer white lines should be the least visible as they are 2 keyframes away from the current layer. However, because the white is of a higher contrast it shows up more than the light red layer (which is one keyframe away from the current frame.)

still facing this problem… any solution?