Grease pencil painting of my dog!

The best boy :slight_smile:
I think I’m getting a good handle on painting with grease pencil! To get this soft, rendered look I mainly use Fill materials at varying opacities and gradients and layer them on top of one another.

Here’s a little timelapse of my process:

This was made for a nature journal page all about my dog, which you can see in full here:

All the drawings were done in Blender, then exported as a PNG and in Krita I added the text and paper texture (though next time I may try adding text directly through Blender)

Here is what the Blender render looks like:

I used my ink brushes (the “old leaky” brush) and my stamp brushes:

And I offer nature journal pages like this as pet commissions! You can check out all the information for that here:
Pet commissions!

Thanks for checking out my grease pencil art! :smiley:


In a forum where the vast majority of work remains completely 3D, it is nice to know that Blender’s Grease Pencil tools are getting some recognition among 2D artists.

Disclaimer; I do not work in 2D, but it not often I see this type of thing in Finished Projects and not the Traditional/2D section.


Very nice. Proving once again that the most important factor is THE ARTIST, not the tools.

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I’m glad you appreciate seeing it! I see lots of 2D artists using grease pencil in awesome ways, but you’re right, I don’t see it so much on Blender forums. Also I’d never noticed the traditional section before, but interesting that it’s also become the space for most 2D art, it seems. I’m just glad my 2D art is accepted here!

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Thanks! I actually also really like the tool though. Being able to select my strokes in Edit Mode and modify them is SO useful to me. Going back to “typical” drawing programs I get frustrated that I can’t.


Great one! :star_struck:

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Hey fancy seeing you here! Thanks Dantti :smiley:

You too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
It’s about time I finally make an account here :sweat_smile:

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Really inspiring!

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That means a lot, thanks!

Great… Nice looking dogo :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you! He is the best :smiley:

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Amazing! Love your work and your youtube channel, keep it up!

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Thank you! That means a lot :slight_smile:

Lovely watercolor look to be made in Blender!

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