Grease Pencil rotoscoping series

Haven’t used Blender in quite some time but I had an idea recently to try rotoscoping with the grease pencil to make 2d animations. I’ve always been interested in animation, more so 3d than 2d however the idea of rotoscoping caught my attention as it relies less on your sense of timing and more on the patience you need to complete a piece.
I have started a series of short animations no longer than 10 seconds each. I have so many ideas for where I could take this project, so far I have only made two pieces. I am experimenting with different techniques and settings for my animations as these are my very first attempts at any kind of 2d animation.

All of my projects are posted to this tumblr page for anyone who is interested in taking a look:
All constructive criticism is appreciated.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: