Grease Pencil Scripts Turning GP Animation Into Mesh and Mesh Animation Into Grease Pencil

Grease Pencil Outliner

This creates Grease Pencil Outlines on you’re mesh animations.
This only works from cameras point of view, so if you want a cube outline in 3D delete the faces but keep the edges.

Shady Pencil

This tool moves you’re Grease Pencil animation to a mesh animation,
However this tool takes time to run and it’s slow and limited by the fact that you can’t move lines over into meshes so you have to manage you’re grease pencil layers loops are the only thing that works you can also have holes in those loops if you make a layer that you for example draw a circle then you want a hole in it draw a in a different layer and add that layer as a subtraction layer and it should work.

Problems ::
that can happen with Shady Pencil is that i dose not fill some loops in certain frames this can be dude to the fact that the lines that are not over lapping or close to each other for the script to work.
just draw a new line over them and connect the lines and this should work alternative might be INCREASING merge_distance variable but this results in a lower quality mesh being output

post issues would love to hear what needs to be fixed or can be improved
already know that i can use low level API calls to potentially speed up Shady Pencil a lot.


ADDED :: turn_default_into_one_animatable_object

On Grease Pencil Outliner

This turns the grease pencil output into one grease pencil object with one layer that can be animated on

Updated outliner with Bug fixes

color option to the strokes

also added :: lagg effect

demo of the lagg effect

Update outliner

ADDED :: frame_ons where you can set the frame rate output of the animation

Update outliner now has a GUI version, it might be buggy but should work OK, as long as you pass an existing collection, it also has no validation to check if the data being passed is ok

Quick demo of GP_Outliner GUI :: Outliner Video

also FIXED a big Bug on Shady Pencil that caused Context error, added an instruction that you have to have a grease pencil stroke on the start frame of the animation or else it can’t find and object to target
if you cam a cross this error doing that might get your script to run.

if there are any other error please post them to my github as an ISSUE just saw there was a notification that someone tried to you my script and it seemed they ran into that error

still its nice to see that people picked up my script and tried to use it if more error happen i will do a voice tutorial on how i use it and maybe we can find more errors and issue that i didn’t think could happen to improve the code

Thx for use my scrips

Shady Pencil now has a basic GUI

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i’ve beed working on shady pencil and trying to make a toon shader work for it,
it should shade the edge of the mesh with a texture that can be manipulated.

in the mean time i made a quick demo of the GUI for shady pencil

demo of GUI for Shady Pencil

also if there are any pepole out there that used my scripts did it work well ?

and feature you want added ?

that’s all THX for the downloads and THX for the views

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Just UPDATED shady pencil with a new algorithm it (should) produce less errors and be faster if you use it right

quick guide to see how to use it well sorry for the bad audio will fix it in the future if i need to do more videos

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BIG UPDATE TO Shady pencil

also support turning grease pencil animations to curves and turning the grease pencil animations into 3D geometry by extruding the 2D N-gon planes created in the normal directions on both sides

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Grease Pencil Outliner :: now supports objects and collection to do line art on

i done goofed Shady Pencil subtraction got broken some time when i add on stuff


it should work for both default mode & geometry mode

this mode allows you to model holes in the geometry output

This only works for blender ver (3.4.0) or NEWER

this is the new working link sorry that the old one was broken forgot to think of the when i deleted the old branch should work fine now and in the future sorry bout that :slight_smile:

Shady pencil now works for version 4.1 4.0

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