Grease pencil switches on halfway through animation, even though there are no keyframes

I have a greasepencil object with line art modifier but it has suddenly started behaving oddly in that it is not visible until frame 132.

I have made another greasepencil object and copied the modifiers and that does not show the same behaviour. There are no keyframes as far as I can see…

Also it seems that using ‘scene world’ makes my grease pencil fill material darker.

Puzzled by both of these things, grateful if someone could take a look:

GP_Outline_Bug.blend (2.6 MB)

Hi, it looks like you’re using an older version than 2.8, but check these things out and I think you’ll see. Go to the dope sheet (animation editor), and turn off “only show selected” (arrow image).

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Cool. Never noticed that button. Gonna start using it.

Yeah, alot of animation you might not see.

Ah yes, had the arrow switched off but didn’t think to check in the dopesheet in grease pencil mode. Also the keyframes seem to work slightly differently in that usually if you have a single keyframe for anything, say, a rotation, that rotation is applied for the whole animation, whereas I guess the GP keyframes are akin to the ‘hold forward’ NLA strips.

I’m using 2.93.6, also weirdly I can see the keyframes, but not split into the GP layers:

The question about the left hand side not showing can be fixed by middle mouse button pulling right, I think. I think the hold forward property is extrapolation.

This may be of interest:

Glad I could help.

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Ah yes, that’s exactly what’s happened, thanks!

So, last puzzle was the darkened grease pencil when using the ‘Scene World’, which can be fixed by disabling ‘use lights’ in the GP layers window:

But I’m still slightly puzzled, why even if I choose the same hdri that is used in the lookdev settings, it ends up looking dark - no amount of increasing the World strength results in the colors looking the same as in the material editor or in lookdev mode…

That, I’m afraid, I can’t help you with although I would guess it has something to do with filmic or gamma of the render view.

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