Grease Pencil to TrueType Font in one click: LAGPF Utility Tool (Release Soon!)

Hello! ChengduLittleA here presenting a WIP tool for font creation in blender using 2.8’s Grease Pencil.
It’s called LAGPF: LittleA’s Grease Pencil to Font tool…

This is a valuable tool for every artist who needs copyright-free fonts or who want to create their own font!

This tool is originally developed for a Chinese client who needs similar features, but I extended it a bit, and found it more useful than I thought.Basically this tool just take your Grease Pencil data, render it, and generate a TrueType ttf font from the rendered images. Planned to support Windows and linux. When I polished this out I may consider sell it on the market for a cheap price.

Here’s what it looks like now. This is a Chinses passage I used to write and create font from.

These are the information you can include when export a ttf file.

So these are the two fonts I exported this afternoon to test it in LibreOffice. Looks quite acceptable.

There’s an additional “character component” feature for eastern asia languages.

So that’s it for now. Any opinions? :smiley:


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