Great blender experience

The owner of the local MacStore is letting me play on a quad G5 with a 30" cinima display, I compiled blender with G5 optimizations, renders really fast. WoW! a 30" display really makes blending easy on the eyes. He wants me to do a blender demo for the local mac group, should be fun. I guess I’ll need to dust off some of my old tutorials, if I can find them.

Michael Velikanje

That’s really cool. I have to use a Mac at my school. I do agree they really can look nice. (Compared to my computer)

Really nice.
If you can’t find proper demos, you could get the ones included in the newest release from There are some pretty fancy ones including a rollercoaster ride and such.

I compiled Blender with optimizations on for my G4 but I didn’t see a lot of difference. How does the verison you compiled compare to the official version?

I also have access to a Quad G5 at work and it is pretty fast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use Blender because of the 10.4.3 NVidia bug but if I get 10.4.4 installed then I should be able to.

The biggest difference was, when using the official version baking a fluid sim produced an error message, with the version I compiled on the G5 the fluid sim workes, and the rendering is about 200% faster. I had problems with the interface before the system was upgraded to 10.4.4, even now the interface is quit slow, even compared to my old 550mhz power book. Nvidia used to be the best for blender hopefully they’ll get the problem (what ever it maybe) fixed.
About the best optimization for the G4 is -ffast-math, -mcpu=7450, -mtune=7450, -03 using this I’ve found a 15-20% increase (faster rendering) using -fast -mpowerpc -mtune=G4 was actually slower.

Michael Velikanje