Great Expectations - Short Film

Hi all

After a long absence, I’m back to show you my last job: A fable about parental expectations, marked destiny and… why not? irrational traditions.

“Great Expectations” is a short film set in the Spanish dehesa, where a small calf plays carelessly aside her family’s expectations. Although he is not aware, your future is marked: to be an unwitting protagonist of a sad show.

As always, you have more details about this project in my blog.

I hope you like it :eyebrowlift:


Models: 9/10
textures: 10/10
rigging/shapekeys; 9/10
composition (grass, lighting, defocus, color): 9/10
animation – 6/10 — movements lack weight and inertia. the dad’s talking – his head moves so fast, you can’t catch any emotions. focus on a few key statements, hit the facial shape and stick it.

overall – this is a great little short. Makes a good point, and for a one person show, you did amazing. I probably didn’t tell you anything you didn’t know.

Also loved the transform between kid bull and adult bull. Would like to know how that was done.

Great little movie! Models and textures are amazing and animation shows that you analyzed movements of a bulls. I agree that it could be a little more refined, but your movie shows wnat one can achieve if he/she applies oneself!

Great work, too bad that blenderheads do not enjoy and comment good animation (some stupid model gets hundreds of comments, but animations are usually ignored)

The official number of bulls killed in official bullfights in permanent bullrings in Spain in 2006 is 11,4584. However, considering the many bullfights in mobile bullrings and the bulls killed during training and
other bullfighting events, it is estimated that there at least 40,000 bulls are killed by the bullfighting industry every year in Europe, and about 250,000 in the whole world.

Shit man, when is it gonna end?

Nice short and +1 daren.

Great cause to do a film about.

My main criticism would be that the edge of the pasture set and the background matte painting is a bit too obvious, sort of jumped out at me.

Good character models and design.

The leading source of greenhouse gas production, above planes even, is from cows produced for consumption. When is that going to end?

The animation was great, it takes good dedication to make something that nice overall looking. I noticed at one point when the father bull was talking that his mouth stays too “open” for the movement of what he’s speaking (only for the shot around 1:30); mouth movement for words don’t need to be overlay expressive, but can be more subtle, which would give you more opportunity to make a facade that expresses emotion in some way. That being said, the mouth animation alone is still better than anything I could do, so well done :slight_smile:

Trees are done quite well.

Thank you all for your comments. :slight_smile:

Indeed, the main criticism I am getting is because of the rigidity of the animations. Lack of time and desire to see any results are to blame for the lack of definition of movements. These personal projects that have so many battlefronts always fail at some point or you’ll end up overflowing.
Also, in these works are also evidents the author’s personal preferences: the points which puts more effort.
Apart from technical exercise, my intention was to convey a message more or less convincing.

@ daren: the morphing was done with “Squirlz Morph” running under Wine on LinuxMint from two frames of animation.

@ Bliz: Indeed, the background matte painting is too noticeable especially in the initial camera movement. In principle, the background was also modeled, but the rush and extra geometry in the scene forced me to change my mind.

@ TheDuckCow: The lip animation was made with LipSync, and for advance the time, I made few changes to the original result.

Very good animation, the major points have already been pointed out so I’m just gonna say good work :stuck_out_tongue: