Great music!

Hi, I love gregorian-vocal-instrumental music, a friend show this page to me, just open it and the music plays automatic

Pompeii is incredible :o

That’s actually not bad. :slight_smile:

Note: the page opens in full-screen. :x

Very nice!

Am I wrong or does this one sound just like the Spider-Man 1 theme? (from about halfway on)

Great as it may be, it’s a bit off topic --> moved to offtopic


posthumus? does that mean they’re eaten all the humus? that’s not on, i like humus

posthumus =ocuring after death.

and very nice style

Isn’t it spelled posthumous?

Anyway, I love their music (ever since I heard “Nara” on Cold Case).

I’m thoroughly a fan now.

Thanks for the link.

EDIT: just bought the entire album on iTunes. It’s that good.