Great Site for newbies ... and not so newbies

Here is a great site that I have found, even for some of the not so newbies, you might find some thing that you didn’t know already. :smiley:

I know that this has been posted before, but there are alot of people that are asking for such a thing.

mm that can be useful! I still mess a bit with function keys (for interesting results however!).

thanks very much.

That´s a good tip!

But 9, you better remove that image from your signature before the forum Moderators sees it! It´s not very good for the bandwidth!

Hey does anybody remember the “Blender Keyboard”?

It was an article on the Blender3D site ages before blender had its lifeline indefinitely cut off.

Anyways it basically had EVERY hot key on your keyboard keys (You know, like how Q,W,E,R,T etc except it as blender’s hot keys).

I think I still got the actual design on one of my backup CDs…

Philip did that keyboard, he put a high resoluted picture of it on blendermania, but since blendermania is byebye i’ts quite gone.

Here is that, “blenderboard”, I remembered seeing it around so I went for a look: - French Keyboard - US Keyboard

there is also an app some where, I think I have it on my HD some where.