Greek Helmet

Hi! I need some suggestions and critiques for my helmet, but in particular for the environment. Can anyone give my some advice for the object around my subject? Thanks.

Rendered with Cycles, 1000 samples and a few post-processing

Helmet looks great :slight_smile: the grunge and dirt is very convincing.

It would look perfect if it was set as a museum exhibit, with a plaque explaining where it was excavated from, what time period it originates from etc.

Impressive work so far , modelling and materials are really good.

Thank you very much! I’ll try it soon! :yes:

I agree with Jamie, the grunge is spot on! The lighting also lends it self well to bringing out the texture :slight_smile: My only complaint would be the fireflies (I assume they are) as they sort of distract the viewer in the BG. If focusing on the helmet’s topology, fit and finish then this is not an issue however.

What do you mean for “finish” the helmet’s topology?

I meant topology, fit and finish in the sense like if there are any artifacts due to bad topology, how the materials look and the overall form of the Helmet

Nice helmet - but one thing confuses me a little bit: the texture looks very used but I can’t see any damages in the topology: like deep scratches, dents or ragged edges. I think this would add even more realism to the object.
Do you want to add a helmet crest?

For the background: a cloak or an ancient ruin (or parts of it like column drums) would match.

There are some bumps on the surface of the helmet. But i’ll try to add more scratches…thank you

Here some improvements…but the scenery doesn’t seem properly set. i need suggestions