Green Goblin

Hi guys. I am still practicing with the Blender sculpting tool and I think I am really starting to get the hang of using it. I am by no means perfect but I am happy with the results I am getting so far. I have only been using Blender for a total of four months, so go easy but be critical at the same time ! Did I also mention that I am a huge Spider-Man fan ? Here is my take on his arch nemesis, The Green Goblin. I have texture painted the face and I am going to give more detail to the eyes but I think it is coming together nicely. Comment guys and let me know what you think I could do to improve.

Most recent update :

Here is another shot with a slightly higher angle :

Another different angle :

I will be posting an update on this later this afternoon !

Here is a new update. The eyes are now repositioned and I have added new textures to them. I have added a new layer of texture paint to his face as well. As I said previously I would appreciate some feedback please !

I may be a little harsh but please take this with a grain of salt. Your sculpt/model lacks anatomical structure and looks very rushed. You should use many references and stay at a low subvision level until your face has structure. Don’t jump ahead and throw paint on something thinking it will look better. The mouth is too wide, eyes have no eyelid definition and the chin is too narrow. These are just a few comments. Hope they help and don’t discourage you from continuing!

Hi Speed0, thank you for the advice. To be fair I was not going for hyper realism. In regards, to the mouth I made it wide because I wanted to over exaggerate the features of the character. The same with the chin. I was basing it off of this image :

However, I completely agree with the eyelid definition. I am still learning the ropes (only my second sculpt ever). I actually used dynamic topology to sculpt this. Thank you though for the advice and I will take it on board. I am looking to get better and if there is no honesty I can’t do that :wink: so again thank you !

Hey that’s quite good start! Only he has that constant surprised expression on his face. Should he have more vicious grin? The problem definitely lies on his eyes/“eyebrows”.

Thanks IconW. Yeah I am going to work on the grin to try and make it more vicious. Maybe I should make the brow lower to give off a more vicious look ! Here is a newer render :

I can see your not going for realism but the sculpt you have now only slightly resembles a green goblin because of the color you painted. The mouth in the reference you posted is way different than what you sculpted. Maybe over lay that image onto your sculpt. Maybe show a side view? His nose also needs to be more pronounced and pushed forward.

I understand what you are saying but I am only basing it off of that design. I am trying to develop my own take on the character. I am not trying to go for a like for like design. It is currently a work in progress and the reason why I have coloured it early is because I wanted to try texture painting as I haven’t really tried that yet. I agree that the nose is looking very flat at the moment and I will look to make it more pronounced. There is so much to learn in Blender and I am trying to grasp different areas so that I can improve on my overall designs. I will be posting up the changes I am going to make tomorrow. Thank you again for the criticisms :wink:

Sure, keep up the good work and you will get there.

So I have been reworking the design and the details. I still have some way to go but I think I am beginning to step in the right direction. I posted it stupidly onto the finish projects forum, so if any Mods see this message, I am cool with you deleting that one. Anyways here is my update, feedback as always would be greatly appreciated !

The area right around the earrings, painting them darker than the rest of the skin tone will add some realism. It’s a small change but may look better.

Thanks for the advice Thetax :slight_smile:

New Update. Still lots to be done but my vision is slowly beginning to come to life !

My hat is off to you man. that is nice. I love the texture and the detail. I have tried to use the sculpt tool and I just can’t seem to get anything to flow the way I want. I spend most of my time making ships and structures, I suck with organic modeling

Thank you squidmole ! I can’t give much advice because I am so new to Blender. The only advice I can give is to start by making your own designs. It’s easier because you know what you want. This is only my second sculpt and like Speed0 said above, don’t rush it. Take your time until the forms meet the desired level. Once you have done that, move onto adding in the detail. When I first finished the sculpt I truly believed it looked great. It was not until I got feedback that I started to realise far more detail was needed. I mean it is still not perfect by any means by it is a step in the right direction :wink:

Small update. Pumpkin bomb necklace added !

Final small update of the day. Stitching added to the cowl and textures on the cowl reworked.