Green house

My 2022’s first render, a new personal project - Remaking the “Meteora 3D render” in Blender Cycles, which originally rendered with Corona for 3DsMax.
It took me about a week from planning out the specific workflow for it, to export the final composition and color grading in PTS, although I only truly “dedicatedly” work full-day on this project in the weekend when I have free time.
I intentionally chose Meteora because it’s basically a glass structures - clear thin glass for the vegetation exhibition and diffuse translucent glass for the lights. Glass is basically Cycles’ Achilles heels, and to make glass rendered with Cycles looks as close as possible to Corona or V-ray is a challenge I want to take on.
The vegetation exhibition is also a way for me to showcase some of the best quality trees & foliages you can find in any markets for Blender.
And lastly, those “simple looking” concrete materials, is actually another challenge for me to replicate them with my texture painting skills inside Mixer.
To be honest, it doesn’t look as good as the original 3DsMax render, in term of achieving Photorealism, even after 50 hours of rendering at 6k resolution and 2048 samples. But I think this looks great for something rendered in cycles. I’m quite happy with the glass materials.
Originally, I wanted to render out 6 - 8 pics with different camera view and light setting but… Yeah, my PC just surrendered despite having 2 RTX cards and some of the best consumer-grade CPU :grin: Also, my patience…


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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