Green Japanese Helmet

This is a work in progress item. I’m not sure if it needs anything in the realm of more modeling detail but I still want to add things such as dust and grime and make it look more realistic through that. Any ideas on how to make this sucker look really nice would be appreciated. I think materials are going to be my biggest concern on this project but any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

Front with a slant.

This is it from the back.

Full front.


An ocean is a really odd backdrop for a helmet, don’t you think? And I’m not quite sure how it can be worn as a helmet because it looks closed off and lacks an obvious opening to put your head in. Also, the shape is a little odd because helmets are more round while the silhouette of this object is more pointy at the bottom and a little at the sides. The design does look interesting and I wonder how it will ultimately turn out when it is finished.

It is more of a decorative item than a utilitarianistic one. This is why it doesn’t seem to fit exactly to human proportions or have an “opening” per say. This was intentional.

Maybe put it in a location that shows off its decorative status? In a display case at a museum, or whatever.

Yes, I think I’ll be doing something akin to that for the update to this.