Green outlined object mode?

What does it meen when your object is highlighted green when you select it in object mode?

It’s been assigned to a Group

I have been trying to make a normal map of this object (green highlighted) to a low poly and it keeps telling me no object to bake to. Can this maybe be the reason. I append the object which is now green. So is this trying to tell me I have to find the group that I must of accidentally put it in and then do the normal map.

To Bake a Normal Map, you have to select two objects: The first object you select should be the high poly model and then, holding down Shift, select the low poly model. I believe that is your issue. I don’t think that the object being in a group would affect the baking process. But if you’re interested in what group your model belongs, open up an Outliner window and select Group from the drop down box at the top. You should be able to find the name of your object in whatever group it is a part of.

Hope this helps.

That is the right answer! Appreciate!