Green Screen node learning

Hi all.

I’m currently reading Steve Wrights book “Digital Compositing For Film and Video 2nd Edition”. I am upto it covering green screen and making mattes to extract backgrounds from foregrounds. I haven’t finished the entire section yet, but I did manage to make a passable green screen removal node setup. Blender already has proper integrated green screen removal tools I just found it awesome that the nodes are powerful enough to do this as discrete node elements.

It has primitive despill like support though I still have to read further to get more info on the best way to do that.

Attached is the blend file with my constructed node setup.

I wonder does anyone know of other good books which cover the digital compositing area?


greennode.blend (331 KB)

Other than getting that book in the leather-bound edition… :wink:

Using discreet nodes for learning is key. You can transfer this knowledge to any of the other node-based compositors and for rolling your own when deadlines are looming.

You can also use Groups to “save” your nodes for future comp sessions. Come to think of it, it would be a nice feature to be able to “export all Groups” as individual .blend files for ease of re-use.

secundar: Thanks for the info, it’s good to know I got the right book then. I am really liking it.

This link leads you to an article about matte nodes in the german Blenderwikibook. It s german, but with many pictures so it shouldnt be difficult to reproduce the nodes and understand, what they are doing.

Thank you for this very helpfull link, Toni!


Thanks Toni for the link.

I did some more work out of the book I got and was able to make a Blender version of a greenscreen despil with limits the green channel to the average value of the red and blue channels.

It seems to work, again its does not use the Blender internal versions of this features. I attached a demo blend file showing the node setup.

Also went browsing on amazon for more compositing books and found this one :

Has anyone read it? Is it as good as it seems on the amazon site?


GreenscreenDespillNode-RedBlueAverageonGreen.blend (239 KB)