A reworked project form a few years back. all new plants, etc…
Hope you like…


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


You’re #featured! :tada:


that’s awesome mind blowing

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Wow i would have a hard time deciding if this a photograph or not. Excellent work! The plants on the lower right give it away a little bit… dont know why tho

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Awesome stuff, very nice! Good creative use of the fisheye lens too!

How did you do the plants, did you all model it by hand yourself, or did you use some model/texture pack? Maybe plugins like The Grove?

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blender market place for plants can’t fault them there quite good. I also have the Grove 3D also but I did not use it for this render.

Very nice… and wet, I can feel moisture :slight_smile: Render in Cycles?

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I’ve often said this - what is the point of something being “as good as a photo”, when it is in fact CG? Like, you could have TAKEN A PICTURE OF THE DAMN THING!! :slight_smile: How about you take it into a game engine and make it “walk aboutable”? - we can walk about IN the forest and explore it, with birds buzzing around and stuff…THEN you’d be TALKING! We might need Nvidia 3090s to DO it, but heck, at least we still can, right? :slight_smile:

Incredible work, btw.

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