I was doing an architectural render one day and the building that I needed to render looked really bad to me, so I figured I’d use some bushes and flowers to cover it up. You know … to distract the viewer :stuck_out_tongue:

Now for the 1st weapon of choise I asked a friend to pick a flower for me to make. She managed to pick one that the whole 3D universe seems to have omitted.
Calla Lily… Couldn’t find any textures for it anywhere so i had to make my own from scratch. This may seem like nothing to some of you, but I’m still pretty new and i never did any texture painting in Blender. :confused:

This is my 1st model that I made the textures for all by myself.
So if anyone would be so kind as to give me some thoughts and tips on improving. I’d be much appreciative :smiley:

can you show a real pic of this flower
so we can compare it

happy 2.6

Sure thing.

I did an image search on google for reffrences.

Devart *papatheo
Donno who to give credit for this one:S

Moving on with this little experiment, I find myself in situations where I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, but I’ve somehow managed to learn how to make leaf textures in Blender and PS from scratch. Looking back now, I find it fairly easy but time consuming.

Okay, well you’re definatly going to need translucency and SSS. Try just the translucency first, and make sure that there is a light behind the plant and a shadow dividing the plant, so you can see how the translucent looks vs. the non translucent parts.

Already added the translusency. Tho’ you can’t really see it on the images I posted. :S
So, mah bad on that one.
Here’s one that shows it a bit better

Now as for the SSS. I’m finding that a little difficult to tame. I think it’s because the flower has no thickness. But need to make further tests to make sure. Sort of a trial-in-errror learning method 'cause I can’t find any tutorials with SSS explanations.

And I also gave it a go in Cycles.

I like it better in Cycles, but i don’t think i can get any better result since there isn’t any SSS shader in Cycles yet.

but you could in cycles add a transp mat to get like SSS

it’s not as good but almost the same results

or use an alpha map done in GIMP may be

happy 2.6

Here. That should help. As for the Textures, They honestly look like image textures. Very nice. And if you go with an alpha map, make sure to make the veins less transparent.

Heh… Spent the last 2 days learning how to use and control the SSS in BI. I’ve noticed that you can’t get proper light scattering without useing the mat nodes. And everytime you make a change you have to re-render and that wait till it computes the mesh and the light affecting it. (also I’ve done something very stupid with the nodes and for some reason it computed twice before the final render >.<)
But anyway, 2.62 was out and i turned to Cycles rather than BI…
I must say i did not expect this result and how easy it is to make it. (not to mention how much flexibility it gives you)
So using translucency shader in Cycles gave me a really neat result :slight_smile:

Same image rendered twice and than split/combined in postpro.
Both images only have one mesh light.
Left - Light is behind the leaf
Right - Light is infront of it

Also… Thanks Graphix! That link was very helpful.
(and yes i do feel silly for not looking it up on the blender site or in the blender wiki)

(yes… Silly…)