greenscreen seq plugin tutorial

Here is a tutorial for my new greenscreen plugin. It should give you all the info you need for good results.

Looks really nice!

Can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:

So how do I install this plugin?

I have dowloaded the DLL, where do I copy it too?

In the sequence editor, select the video you want to add the plugin to.
Then choose Add --> Effect --> Plugin…
Now simply browse for the dll and “Select Plugin”

Hayhay - I’m going to have some fun with this!

Any chance of a bluescreen plugin as well - or - not if that’s hard.

I think it can be used for that too…

Tried compiling it and ran in to some problems. The so provided is 32 bit I assume?

Found the 64 bit version. Awesome.

It worked (meaning it didn’t crash) on my 32 bit XP system running Blender 2.45.12 SVN.

I have not had a chance to give it a proper evaluation, however…

heh… 11 months later, someone noticed this thread…

Sorry guys, this plugin is just for greenscreen… I had a better plugin that I was working on which not only does red, green, or blue screen, but also does some transparency… but it never got enough attention for someone to even bother compiling a dll so I pretty much quit working on it.

It’s incredible work. Wish I would have known about it sooner, you would have certainly had me following it. :slight_smile:

I really wonder why blender hasn’t a script like this included.
I’m in the process of making a non-profit organization specialized on software dev. (games / kde-qt applications mainly) and i need something like this for a news videocast/streaming show.
Can you give more details about the improved script?

Also, i was wondering if it’s ok to record against a yellow wall, or i really do need R/G/B as the background? I don’t have much experience on this matter.

BTW, the rap video demonstration was AWSOME!

Don’t forget, there are alot of node setups out there that may very well give you a better key… (just search the forums for greenscreen or chromakey…) These plugins just try to make it easy to get a decent key…

I think that yellow would be a pretty bad choice for a color to key against…yellow is even closer to flesh color than green so it would be even harder to key out. Both green and blue screens are best for keying out fleshtones. Actually, if you can get a good shot of someone against a clear blue sky it would key out very well. If you are going to do static close ups for your videocast, just get a true green (or blue) tablecloth (or bedsheet, or paper, or whatever ->matte finish is a must) and hang it tightly on the wall so that there are no wrinkles.

Thank, now i got more confidence :slight_smile:
Guess i’ll get a green background … and try node setups as well xD

Hey, great greenscreen thing, I was wondering-- to use a greenscreen i just take something green and put it in the back ground right?

just wondering because it looks really cool

Finally got some of my greenscreen tests posted on YouTube. Here are links to them!

Just used a couple cheap Dollar Store table cloths taped together and taped to the ceiling. Used just the normal room lighting as well. Didn’t turn out too badly. Looks better than the StarTrek: Hidden Frontiers stuff to me!


Nice! thanks alot for letting me know about these… Even though I see that the greenscreen page still averages over 5 hits a day after all this time, I can never tell if anyone is actually using it…It’s fun to see that someone is using my little hack job and getting pretty good results.

Noah vanishes was absolutely great:yes: there is no indication that it is greenscreen at all, it looks like you just took a shot of Noah in the kitchen and then just cross faded to a empty kitchen. The other clips( Seth grows seems to be mia btw…) could use better matchmoving on the zoom shots and you could probably get fewer artifacts with a bit more light. (It’s so hard to tell with youtube clips…the conversion/compression really doesn’t do justice to the original clips)

I agree with you on the Hidden frontiers clips… for all of the effort they put into those movies, and (I assume) the pro software they use, the greenscreen effects pretty much suck. Way too many jaggies on the edges and they seem to use no spill removal at all.

Thanks again for posting… you made my day:cool:

BTW: any chance you could upload some of your raw clips somewhere (like for instance) for me to play with?

Sorry, now that I look at my source files I see that the Noah clip is just as you say, not a greenscreen clip. It was a while ago when I did this clip. I’ll update the youtube info and I’m uploading the raw footage to my own site. Linkage to follow.


Oh, and the grow/shrink footage were just shot. No motion matching was attempted other than trying to keep the same focus point in the zooms for use in the background.


Greenscreen source:


:frowning: The windows version is different…