Greetings from Barbardos ! Postcard - Ghost crab

Hello everyone ! :smiley:
I made this artwork recently as part of a french 3D contest which theme was Here comes Summer.
I decided to depict a ghost crab because of its particular look, with its eyes coming out of his main body, and also because I think it’s a good way to symbolize both summer and exoticism. At the end, I wanted to achieve a postcard look by deteriorating the picture in post-process.

I’m not very familiar with organic modeling / rigging, so this was a great exercice and to improve my skills. Even if I would have put more details into the crab’s face because it lacks volume and details in my opinion, but I chose a not ideal workflow and it was kinda hard to do any modification to the main mesh. So, I decided to move on to other projects. I tried using some motion blur especially because there are seagulls in the background but the depth of field is so intense that it just looked like a pile of blurry pixels ! :smile:

2400 x 1350 postcard render

2400 x 1350 render without the postcard look

1920 x 1080 clay render

2400 x 1350 wireframe render

Basemesh has been created in Blender 2.81, sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Substance Painter, and brought back into Blender for the main scene. Post-process in Photoshop.
The sand is created with icosphere and particle systems.

Rendered with Cycles in approximately 1h30, 1024 samples, denoised with compositor.

The font used for “Greetings from Barbados” is Vintage Party.

You can have access to the Artstation project via this link :

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