Greetings from Cheeseland

and the home of the World Famous Green Bay Packers!!! LOL Sorry, I love that line. Like outside of the US the Packers mean anything.

That stated, I am 39, from Green Bay, and I do love the Packers. I hope to get know everyone here. I will warn you all…I do have an opinion and will, freely, give it upon request. Currently, I’m a graphics design student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and have a full time job as a Unix Administrator.

I am still just beginning to work with Blender. So, I’m VERY green. I hope to learn lots and get to know everyone.

Favre is much better off here.


Welcome to BlenderArtists! :smiley:

May the Blending Force be with you :smiley:

and yellow, you cheesehead!

Welcome to BA. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate condition though, you cheesehead. :eyebrowlift2:

Yes, it’s a life condition. Once you go green and gold, you never go back.

And as for Favre…You can have him. Grandpa can’t be around for too much longer. We’ll see how he fairs in Lambeau this year. I’m sure he’ll get a very…warm…welcome. My hope is he ends up on his back a few times…But, no more so than I want to see every opponent QB get sacked. He is the enemy now. :smiley: Of course, if he ever does retire…He’ll be welcome back in Lambeau with open arms. But, it could be worse…he could be a Bear!!

Welcome fellow cheese head, though I don’t live there any more, I grew up there and yes I know what and who the Green bay Packer are.
May the Blender force be with you.