Hey! I’ve started to model character for one lithuanian cgtalk-like forum contest (one week long). It must be like another rase of gremlin :] What do you think? It’s just a head

Looks pretty good. His forehead looks a little steep though. The centre trianglular bit might look better if it was slanted.

I think you should carry the spinal ridge on top of his head, onto his forehead. I think he’ll look much better if you put some bones in his ears as well. In fact, while your doin’ bones, you may as well stick them wherever you damn well please. If you’re going for a cut cherub look, then disregard the above. Otherwise, BONES!


Nice except for the seam which is visible in the middle.

About seam: it’s not joined yet, it’s two separate mirrored object, while modelling is still in progress

it looks cool, add some teeth, eyelids and deepen the nose cavities. :smiley:

Progress of today:

Really taking shape, good job on it

Is there a way in blender not to model two mirrored separate meshes, but model one mesh, with symetric sides by YZ plane? (one mirrored mesh to avoid this seam between two meshes)

good question, I’ve been wondering the same damn thing, simply because you can’t always get the seam out, even when you do join the halves together.

To get rid of the seam, simply join the two halves together with control-j, then select all the vertices, press w and select “Remove Doubles”. I use this technique all the time and it works for me. :smiley:

In full the steps are:

  1. Shift-d to duplicate the first half.
  2. Control-m and x axis in the front view.
  3. Select both halves and control-j.
  4. Select all vertices, press w on the keyboard> “Remove Doubles”.
  5. Then control-n to recalculate the outside.

Hah. I know that, but in this sequence modelling goes between mirroring and joining. I wanted to model with having a real view of model. Because by removing this seam model changes a bit. (actually, sometimes too much, with low-poly models)

Didn’t finished this work until contest ended, nevermind… Finished modelling, joined meshes and decided to uv unwrap this beast. My result after making seams:

edited a bit given map, and got this:

This is my first try of UV unwrapper, it seems to be very easy to use (just need to know about few features, like stich, pin, etc. What do you think about result?

:o UV unrapper. What is that…That seems really useful! Where can I find info on this mystical phenomenon

Nice unwrap.

But why not use internal LSCM unwrapper? Gives very similar results.


He’s using LSCM, i think. Very cool model and unwrap! Well done!

BgDM, I’m using this new internal unwrapper (LSCM), that was announced in latest version. It hardly needs a tutorial, but I learned from “new features” list description in releaselog :]

patma787, check out the latest release logs of blender - at blender’s page, or about common mechanism of unwrapping - in google or other 3d sites. In few words - unwrapper cuts out the skin of your model, you can draw it and attach back to model :] Very fun thingy, and thanks for blender coders for this feature, it makes life easier