Grendizer Redesign (Blender+OctaneRender)


(linograndi) #1


This is my redesign of the Grendizer character.

Modeled and rigged in Blender and rendered in OctaneRender for Blender.

(kabu) #2

Great! I used to be a fan of it! I like your metal-tech redesign!

(alf0) #3

man this is amazing, old memorys !!!

(mcurt09) #4

Awesome job. I love the little details. What do you think of octane?

(ChameleonScales) #5

f***ing awesome !

(linograndi) #6


Octane is juts an awesome render and its integration with Blender is improving day by day.

(Joseph) #7

Look great, good job. And now it’s time for action :grinning:.

(Adam Black) #8

Nice job! In this enviro look like very expensive toy in the kid room. But honestly which adult would’t like have one :slight_smile: