Gridlines showing in alpha mapped clouds?


Hi Marty_D !

I have no precise Idea, but the first thing that comes to my mind is the WIRE BUTTON in MATERIAL Panel…

Hmmm I read that you have set Smooth. Perhaps there is a problem with autosmooth angle setting. Though, I look again at your globe, and I am quite sure that the SMOOTH hasn’t been applied on your sphere. In this case, your cloud sphere is not a sphere, but a volume composed of planes… The edges which separate those planes reflect the ambient light and appears like a wire grid.

Check it and tell me…


it looks weird. try cranking on some subsurf, and see if that gets rid of it.


It seems the sphere is a quite dense mesh, so why do you have subsurf on? Sometimes my meshes look weird (showing rounded grids, black spots) when using subsurf too, while set smooth is enough. Try turning it off. Or please post the blend.

As a few workaround ideas:

  • Does the Unified Renderer make a difference?
  • Have you tried using a NURBS sphere instead?


No worries. There’s still the problem though - if you’re willing, it might be a good idea to post the .blend file in the bug tracker so it may be looked at and perhaps solved.