GridSpace - Open Sourced!

Thanks, guys - I registered for a developer name on IndieDB, as well as put up a basic page on IndieDB, as well. Once it’s approved, I’ll post the link.

Update - fixed the transparency issues (all except on the particles, which I’m not going to worry about), and added a background galaxy, which is a bit bright, but gets a nice effect.

@’-_-’ - That’s a good game idea, and it should work alright.
@LaxWolf - Wow, I missed your post. That would be a great idea for a game, but I doubt it would get that far. For this first game, I think I’m just going to keep it simple and make the game a simple ‘Explore the world, upgrade your character, destroy enemies, and get Creds’ type of game. Once I finish this one, I may implement a better story and more enhanced graphics.

Wow, this looks similar to something I am working on. (Hint: Look at my avatar)
For more inspiration, check out Grid Wars
You are far ahead of me, gameplay wise. I am still defining the look and feel of the game, and the mehanics.
Good luck with your game, but I know you don’t need it, you are a dedicated artist.

Thanks. I saw your avatar - it’s looking interesting. I did see Grid Wars, and on the site I linked to on page 1, there are a lot of Geometry Wars clones, as well. I’ve added a couple of extra background galaxies to give some depth and interesting areas to look at. So far, I’ve gotten a nice amount of the work done - creating random enemies is done, and next, I’ll probably create a town area for them to bounce around outside of.

Okay :frowning: I was just picturing a Zelda kind of story. Two alternate universes and fixing them. You could get creative with the dialogue. You should set up a functional mission system if you can. Not questioning your ability, but I could help with that.

Thanks for the offer - I’ll see how far I can get the game. By the way, I didn’t mean, “I’m not sure how far a game like yours would get,” I just meant that I’m not sure how far I could get such a game, since I quit games very easily, LOL. I’ve quit / stalled quite a few projects in my day, and I just don’t want this one to be like those. That’s why I want it to be pretty simple - simple enough to finish, but fun and unique enough to want to work on.

…simple enough to finish, but fun and unique enough to want to work on.

A perfect recipe for any project. If only 10% of “MMORPG” makers on this forum used this approach…
I am really happy that you plan to finish this, if I can help in any way just PM me.


Thanks, Josip. I want to finish this game, so I’ll be sure to just make it enough for me to finish. Once it’s done, I can always change it (or release a sequel).

Okay, so my game’s now on IndieDB. Yes!

What are the benefits of IndieDB ?

It depends what you put into it as in everything. But it’s mainly exposure in a very large gaming community whith also the added ability to make your game available through Desura where you got control af how you publish your game online. There is really no negative side to it just as long as your willing to keep involved with the people that take an intrest to the game. And from there there is no limit really.(desura is like steam but for mods and indie games. Moddb indiedb and desura are from the same people.)

I don’t know if you have to pay for putting your game on desura.
But moddb and indiedb should be free.

It would be cool if solar lune or any one else managed to get a blender game out there.

Thanks, I’m working on it - I think I’ll release this for free when it’s finished (not open-source, though… At least, not initially. This shouldn’t be a problem, as I currently have Windows and Mac OSX computers available to me, with Linux on Windows through VirtualBox).

I’ve got a little town up and running okay. I have one NPC already, but I need to add some more. Now the game’s starting to dip below 60 FPS, so I’m going to have to see where I can cut a bit to make it run faster. Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out the largest waste of logic processing in the game.

So far, it’s looping through and updating the enemies with a single object (rather than logic in each enemy), and it’s only updating the enemies that are within range of the camera (a nice little trick is to use the camera object’s getScreenPosition() function. It will return a number representing where on (or off) screen the object is - by checking to see if the values are greater than 2, for example, you know that the object is more than 2 screens away from the origin of the screen (left-bottom corner, I think) ).

EDIT: Figured out what the logic drain was - it was the reflection plane. I had it set at pretty high quality. Taking it down fixed it (there’s already a settings dictionary ready for this to be implemented in-game).

Managed to get a test video. Sorry about the quality and black screen at the end. Anyway, here it is:

Thnx for the video man. It looks like a proper adventure game. Is the reflection on the ground coming from a sky box?

Looking good, keep it up.

@’-_-’ - No, the reflection’s done with the bge.texture module providing a reflection. Because the grid is in a background scene, the reflection plane is calculated in the game scene, but switches the textures on a ‘dummy’ plane in the background scene.
@Josip - Thanks.

Wow, looks really good! I like the trail.

Thanks - the trail’s done with my X-Emitter (perhaps a bit overkill, but it works alright). I like the effect, too.

Lookin’ good! I really like the 3D text boxes! It gives it a modern feel, while still keeping that classic arcade feel too.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks. I haven’t been able to really go back to working on it in a day or two, but I should be able to add a new enemy or something tomorrow. A video will most likely follow.