Grilling/Oven Mits – Product Visualization

These images are from a recent product visualization job. The client wanted their silicone grilling/oven kits modeled and then posed and rendered in different positions and 6 different colors for use on a certain huge online retailer. It is one of the more challenging models I’ve created.

The hearts and ribs along the fingers posed a particular challenge as just placing them on the surface was quite tedious and time consuming. The real problem arose when the model was rigged and then as I started posing the hand, the hearts began to shift, slide and stretch in really unexpected ways. This required me to go back and stitch all of the hearts together manually and then re-rig the hand.

Here’s a fan shot of all the colors.

great idea and super realisation
nice product also

ouch, fixing all the tiny hearts must have given you some sleepless nights! would a displacment map not have been easier? great work though !

Yeah it was a pain. I tried a displacemt map but I’m not that great with them to begin with and the results just weren’t good enough.

I can’t take any credit for the idea but I can for the model. :slight_smile: Thanks!!