Grim Reaper's car: The Vortex Ripper


(Richcolburn) #1

I had the opportunity to model the car the Grim Reaper drives in book two of the Collision Series. It was for the cover art.
The second book was just released so I can post the artwork now.
I came up with a few unusual workflows for modeling the car so I’ll make some tutorials if there is enough interest.

The book is total mind bending insanity. I’ve read it four times now. As an avid science fiction reader I highly recommend it. There a special right now for the kindle version:

If you want the paperback you can get it here:
The first book is also still out there and it’s an amazing read as well:

(soul) #2

This looks so awesome! I would like to see CGI movie with this car.

(Richcolburn) #3

Thanks man! I’m super excited. This is the first time I’ve had an image make it into the gallery!! Yay!

(Richcolburn) #4

The book explains a little bit more about the car:
The main character, Heather, is asking the Grim Reaper about his car. (The Grim Reaper goes by the name, Joey in the book)

Heather was beside herself. “I didn’t know it was possible to get it customized,” She said. “Why do you have an Idaho license plate?”
“Oh,I didn’t want anything that would make it look conspicuous,” Joey said."
"That makes sense,” Heather said. “You show up in a swirling vortex of destruction with a flying car covered in mysterious weapons. People take one look at the plate and say, ‘oh, don’t worry about it. He’s from Idaho.’”
"See,you understand,” Joey said.
"So what’s with the cartoon cat hood ornament?” Heather asked.
“Oh that’s a caricature of a cat called Fortinbrass.” Joey said. “He’s become sort of legendary where I come from. He’s the onlycat with a level-three form. I have a hunch he’ll play a role in the apocalypse.”

(Benjamin Rigby) #5

This car actually looks so damn cool. Kinda like the ghost rider’s motorcycle but its a 4 wheeled car.

(Joey Blendhead) #6

Car looks incredible! The background of the car on the cover looks nasty though… Car is sick as hell though.

(Joey Blendhead) #7

Also, I’d love to see tutorials or timelapses of your workflow :smiley:

(dreamco) #8

Yes, please. Some tutorials on this piece would be awesome.