Groovemix 2006

A render i made for a party (some time ago:cool: )

I was planning to show this some time ago, but my computer and externalHD got stolen, so i lost everything. I was able to retrieve this from the people who organised that party:)
I wish I could show you more of my renders, but they’re all gone.

jellyfish tentacles are typically thicker, kinda like the one in the middle there.

also there is a bunch of mushy stuff inside, yours look empty. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you post a screenshot of your settings/wires - or maybe a full .blend? I may need to make something with a touch of a “vector look” flavor and I’m a bit “out of touch” - didn’t have time for graphics lately.


I’m sorry but i don’t have any .blend file anymore, only this render:( I wish i had!

@venge: They weren’t really made for the realism, but more to draw attention. But you’re right real jellyfish have more blob-stuff inside of them:D

so sorry to hear about evil people ruining your life. Hope you come back stronger than ever!