Groovy Funky Fairy Dance

Fun on-line collaboration project:


JAJAJAJAJAJA, that was SO COOL!!! It reminded me of the muppets show!!

Great Job, really funny!!

Hahaha, it is just like a muppet. Cool.

That’s just awesome

What fun!

I, too, found it to be delightfully…um…muppety!

The animation isn’t very fluid or lifelike, but judging from the silly, muppet-like nature of the clip I’m guessing that wasn’t the intent. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was pretty funny.

What the hell was that? :spin: Can’t stop laughing…

Are you looking for crits? There are a couple of spots…

Thank you guys!!!

Yes, it was great fun to make this animation (err… learn about the new Blender tools, particles, hair, softbody, silly stretchy… etc :), but the best part comes after it’s all done! I’m really happy to see all cool friendly messages (well, haters are also welcome to teach me something new) from around the globe! My new inspiring friend Bente actually sparkled the whole thing, she is a funky scientists who explore space and fun. Sam is another inspiring scientist in this funky tale who write so honestly & funny that he was banned by some “moral” institutions (congratulations Sam! :smiley: and Sophie is the best groovy dancer on the planet, and hey, also animator!

I already received an invitation for some animation festival! And yes, it’s so cool to see semantic company with Jean Michel Jarre and Pet Shop Boys! Dang, sometimes is internet sooo coool! :smiley:

Btw, yesterday I received an email from David Carson, his mother had her birthday and of course I made a greeting card for Dorothy!

Happy birthday Dorothy!


hahahahaha!! excellent
Fun dancing .

Had fun !

With a bit more work on the anim it could be more than funny, really Funky I mean !