Ground wobbles?

Hello mighty blender experts :slight_smile:

I have just receantly started using blender and i intend to use it mostly to make flyovers and rotations around landscape areas that i have made 3d models over with my UAV

On the attached link i have made my first try, basic camera follow a circle and also vector blur, however the ground seems to move (small shakes?). Is there a fix for this?, or does someone know what might be causing this?
The clip has been slowed down in premiere.

OMG that’s AWESOME! ok i will suggest something, but u gotta tell me how you did this XD

Im sure it should be a little keyframe that u have in your camera, go to your dopesheet, and check your keyframes… im sure youll find something, anyway if u can just create a circle, and parent ur camera to it and animate the rotation of the circle, it will give u a clean effect on the rotation…

Hey thanks, i use a small UAV to survey large areas. Thanks to photogrammetry i can build accurate models of the area that i survey. Check this out

I looked for key frames and there are none, i have only circle and then i parent the cam to follow the circle, 100 frames, 50 fps and then slowed down in premiere (50%)

Maybe my model isent centered around the same axis as the circle?
Is there an way for doing this?


Perhaps the circle is too low poly?

How do i check or increase this?

I just added circle with shif+a

Shift+a gives you a default circle which has 32 vertices. You can check by selecting the circle: at the top of the screen in the info window header it gives some statistics, number of selected vertices is one of these. If you are in object mode, you’ll get a vert count for the entire scene, if you select the circle and switch to edit mode, you’ll get a vert count for the circle.

You could try a new circle with 100 verts (when you add the circle, you can change the number of verts in the tools panel on the left (hotkey T if it’s not on your screen).

You could also try putting an empty in the middle of the scene (on the shift+a menu) and then giving the camera a “track to” constraint to point at the empty.

That sound like something to check up…

it seems i have a beezier circle and parent the camera to it…
Now i have made an mesh circle with 100 verts but i cant parent the camera to it?