Group as in Inkscape

I guess Group as in Inkscape is not a part of the core in 3.3 LTS. Wondering whether there is a plugin which will help achieve it.

Currently, I use M to create a collection or CTRL + J to join them into one. But they are not the same as the Group feature in Inkscape where once grouped the objects act as one and can easily be ungrouped when required.


A collection object acts as an object and there is a separate operator in edit mode.

Alternative is to parent objects to an empty or an armature.

And some object types have specificities.
Families are important for metaballs and texts.
Grease Pencil Object has layers.

And you can have an object acts like a mini-scene scheme with geometry nodes modifier.


Thanks, but not sure whether I will be able to select a group by clicking a single object in that group using a Collection or by other means.

In fact, CTRL J works great for me, with the only downside that I cannot break them apart.

Once joined with Ctrl J, press P and choose By Loose Parts to separate again


Joined a cube, cylinder and UV sphere using CTRL J and moved it a bit. Then pressed " P " with the group in selection, nothing happens though.


You have to be in edit mode


Works great!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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