Group input, slider sensitivities


When setting up a material group with some controls you want to expose to the user, the normal way is to i.e. keep float values outside of the selection when creating the node group. That way the control is automatically added. But these are ridiculously sensitive, even with shift I need only barely move the mouse, and it still kicks up too much.

By accident I connected a math input to a socket controlling bump strength, and realized this slider has far nicer input sensitivity. So from now on, except for 0/1 toggles, I’m gonna always connect a bump map strength before hooking a math node (or whatever) into it.

Behavior of slider for existing value based node doesn’t change if I hook up a bump strength, bump strength socket needs to be the one creating the connection. This means I can’t update sensitivity without replacing the socket, and deleting the socket disconnects everything outside of the node group connected to it, obviously breaking materials.

So the question is, is there any way of changing the sensitivity of an existing group input (value) slider?

See image; TextureMixer have all sliders based on bump strength, except preview. Stepfunctions needs to be updated but that will break the connections in all materials it is used. Notice how the slider “types” are colored/shaded differently.