Group members independent instance actuators

I have a set of objects in a group. I created an instance of that group. There is a Python controller on the group instance that references different objects in the group. I wantto have just one object in that group instance use a Steering actuator to go to a place without moving the other group members or other instances of that object.

I tried to put the actuator on the group instance, but it moved the entire group instance not just one object in the group. I tried putting actuator on the object and not the group instance, but it moved all the duplicated of the group instances.

Essentially, I want an actuator to affect only one object in a group instance and only affect that instance of the group. How do I go about this?

Instance members have (per default) no additional relationship within the BGE (in difference to Blender).

If they follow I guess you parented them together.

[SOLVED] Because of the odd mannerisms of BGE groups and the fact that one object cannot control another object’s actuators, the only way I have found to have a group instance control one (or more) of the objects inside the instance’s actuators is by controlling the object’s states.
For example: a cube and sphere are grouped together. The cube has nothing in it’s first state and an always sensor with a Steering actuator in the second state. Just using a Steering actuator on the whole group instance would cause the instance (the empty) to move but not the cube nor sphere within the instance. However, a sensor on the group instance (the empty) can (through a python script) control the state of the instanced cube (find the cube in the group instance’s groupMember property and set it to a variable) by using <object>.state = 2 . Setting the state to 2 would cause the Steering actuator to activate. Changing the state to one would deactivate it. And so on.

Only problem is any sensors on the group instance (such as near or collision sensors) are based on the group instance empty location which could be way off of the instanced object’s position. Best I found is to update group instance empty location to the object’s location. No idea how to get a sensor from the instanced object.

Tldr: State Machine used to control objects within a group instance. Still trying to figure out getting sensors from instanced objects.

group = addGroupObject.groupMembers