Grouping Objects

Is it possible to group objects so that they can be selected easily together and say moved together, without actually joining them into one mesh?:spin:

Thanks in advance…:wink:

FIXED sorry had a senior moment. Remembered the old Ctrl G and then select with Shift G…

Your two best bets are either creating a group from the objects, or parenting the objects to a single object.

Select all the objects you want and hit ctrl-G. In the tools panel (t) you can name the group. You can manage group assignments later in the Object panel. To select all objects in the group, select one object in the group,hit shift-G and select 'group. ’

This is probably what you want. You can parent multiple objects to a single object. In this example Big Suzanne is the parent. When you move, rotate or scale the parent, you do the same with the children. To parent, select all the objects you wish to be children. Holding shift, select the object you wish to the parent so that the parent object is selected LAST. Hit ctrl-p and choose ‘object’ . You will see dotted relationship lines. Now move the parent and the children will follow. to remove a child from the parentage, select it and hit alt-p.