GroupPro, group instances made easy

Very often i have the same issue. I dont know why the bbox is so big…

BBox seems broke, but it is fixed as soon as I open then close group.
It may be caused by what @anphung said, if object is using modifier which is dependent on some helper object (in your case armature mod), you may get weird result if you only group main object without helper. But there is option in preferences to automatically include modifier helper object to group. It was added some time ago:

Just wast first minute or two - it is about this issue. You have to enable auto link modifier for it to work:

Hope it helps.
Here is someting I have been working better preview when opening nested sub collections:

This plus inplace editing of linked libraries and one click generation of proxies, and new manual are coming soon.


@Pinhead, @Jelleeeey, @anphung think I fixed bbox issue in 2.1 update. And there is new documentation too:

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Hi JoseConseco :slight_smile:
Is it possible to add “Draw Bounding Box around all Groups (groupBBox_use)” in AddonPreferences to GroupsPro’s Pie Menu?
I am dissatisfied with the fact that the only way to switch the presence or absence of a box is from the add-on menu.

when i tried to group now it names to gp_Planes instead of original object name
is it a bug?

Awesome! That solved the problem :slight_smile:

Hi JoseConseco,

There in 2.81 is possibility to set color for objects via color object node in cycles.
But GroupPro has only 1 color for all group,
object colors are ignored.

Can it be solved?


Brilliant addon. Purchased yesterday … Life saver so far :slight_smile:

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It seems to be working ok:

In object ‘viewport display’ properties I change color of selected groups (empty with collection instance) and those color are then properly displayed - each group instance empty has different color assigned.
Is that what are you looking for?

It not a bug - blender cant have 2 objects with same name on scene. In addon preferences you can change generated name. you can add preffix, or suffix + active object name. Sorry for late reply

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actually when i use the default pie menu of GroupPro or Right panels
the naming works fine , no bugs correct naming

but when i customized my own custom layout using Pie Menu Editor
( roaoao’s addon ) adding Create Group Button or bpy.ops.object.create_group()
it can group but the naming is bug and has different behavior

so in the end i use the default Group Pro Pie layout
addon works fine

Can you try adding: ‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’ to your pie menu operator?
It should look something like this:
let me know it if works.

Blender 2.8
GroupPro 2.1.1
New Scene, 2 simple objects i try to group and - Error. Same Error if i try open group.

No, problem is that after making group all object colors are vanished
and all objects in group have now only 1 object color.


There is something wrong with your installation. Did you update from preferences? You try removing files in addon folder:
C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons\GroupPro
And then put new files in there.
In GP 2.1.1 i renamed localView to gp_localView so somehow you have the old file in your installation.

Yes, blender treats merged object as new one -> and it gets new object properties - including object color. I do not think it is possible to use subobjects colors to override empty instance color (at least not form python). You can try use random color for vieport display props. Then those objects will retain theirs original colors.

It Helped, Thanks!

Hi @JoseConseco, would you consider putting the addon on Blender Market? I’m ok if you raise the price there to compensate the percentage they take you. But I want to be able to keep track of all the addons I’m buying in one place.

Hi, I found a bug regarding centering the pivot point within a group that has parented objects. When changing the pivot point, the bounding box moves with the changed pivot point giving a disoriented bounding box.

Another thing that could be more user friendly is when making a group of objects that are in a collection. The newly created group is created and ‘moved’ to the main collection. One would expect it to be created in the collection where the objects initially were.