Grow/Expand selection

Hey people, I was wondering if anyone could inform me how to grow a selection? I’m brand new to blender…and in the previous softwares i’ve tried, I always bound the } and { keys to grow and shrink selections.
I understand hotkeys can’t be changed in blender but i’m happy to relearn things…i just can’t find this tool at all.

To clarify what I mean…i’m talking about hitting a key and having the selected verts/polys/edges grow outwards.

cheers for any help.


Ctrl + “+”

or to shrink

Ctrl + “-”

  • and - on the NumPad


or maybe Scale (s key) and move the mouse.

That’s perfect thanks mate.

Hey people, sorry to disturb you all…but I got a few more n00b questions.

  1. Is their a way to do multiple cuts with the edge cut tool in one hit? (without having to run it multiple times in a row).

  2. What’s the best way to quickly center the view on the selected object - I worked out that C centers it on the cursor but that’s not very efficient…I’d like one keystroke to center it on the current object.

  3. Is there a thicken tool to give flat polygons thickness?

  4. Is their a rest on ground tool to make the bottom of an object z=0.

cheers for all your help people.

  1. Yes . Hit the K hot key . Pick the last option from the menu : Knife (Multicut) . A pompt will give you the option of selecting the number of multiple cuts you want .

  2. the Numbpad “.” (period) key .

  3. You can use the extrude function or use a python script “Solidify Selection” found in the Mesh menu in Edit Mode .

  4. Not that I know of . But you can just hit the N hotkey and dispaly the Transform Properties Window . Just manually input a value for the “LocZ” value in Object Mode . You have to remember that the Loc X,Y and Z values for an object indicates the object’s center not it’s outer shape .
    Another option might be to use the new snapping function or the old Shift S snapping function or both .
    Or you could use the “Floor” constraint as well but that really is more applicable for animation .

  1. Ctrl-R, select loop direction, scroll mousewheel.


Thanks people, that’s fantastic except for one problem i’m finding when i push the . key on the numpad its zooming in right inside the object and it takes about 2 seconds scrolling backwards to get the entire object in view - I know this sounds picky but its something I’m used to…I need to be able to hit one key and have the entire object fit nicely in the center of my screen.
Is their a way to fix this? cheers.

Ok, sorry I spoke too soon…I realised its ok as long as some polys/points/edges are selected.

w-key, subdivide multi.


cheers for the help so far, i got (hopefully) just a few more n00b questions.

ummm when I’m in edit mode and I add a mesh - it becomes automatically attached to the current object i’m working on right? that’s a really great feature…but my question is now…how to select JUST that new part with a simple hotkey or mouse gesture - like in modo for example double clicking on a polygon will automatically select all the attached polys too.

My other question: can I somehow add custom objects to the “add” menu? (the menu when u push spacebar…it has currently things like cube and grid and monkey etc. - I’d like to add my own objects)
cheers people…i’m really starting to love this program.

Ctrl-L will select regions linked to whatever you have selected.

Haven’t ever seen the second one come up before ^_^.

sweeet - thanks man…and the second one is probably a bit redundant…its just that i’ve been doing a lot of testing with the modelling tools and testing yafray and I’ve been needing to make a box and then add a bunch of control edges and size them out towards the sides, add the subsurf modifier and go from there…this process has been taking a while and I wanted to save the object in the add menu…but i’m quicker at it now so its not really an issue.

thanks for your help.

Hey, sorry to keep disturbing u all but I have a yafray related problem.

I can’t get it to save anywhere other than /tmp/ (i’m on ubuntu efty)
I set the path i wanted in the “File Paths” up the top and in the “Output” tab in the render window…but this hasn’t changed anything, yafray still exports to the /tmp folder and saves it to YBtest.tga - I’d also like it to be .jpg or png as tga is a bit big.

Any help is appreciated.

You can save your render (Yafray or internal) by F3 (Save Image) . When you press F3 the file browser will come up just name your file and send it to the directory of your choice .
Right now your renders are just going to the temp directory because you have not saved them as an image file .Also one you do this and save your blend as well the directory you choose to put your image will be the default directory unless you change it .
You can change the file type by going to F10 (Scene) and going to the Format panel and changing the file type from the small field with the up and down arrow arrows (it should already have a default type I think it’s jpeg but I have my default as PNG so I;m not sure about this) .

Cheers, that’s great. Thanks to everyone for their help.
I’ve finally made a first post in the wip section.
check it out here

About custom objects. If you’re adding in object mode, and you have another object with the mesh you want to use laying around somewhere, you can add a new Whatever Mesh, then go to link-and-mats in the edit buttons and pick the mesh used by the “stock” object and hit the little number to make a new copy. I think that’s about as close as you can come.

You could also just shift-D(uplicate) it. In either case you’d have to ctrl-J(oin) it to another mesh if you wanted to have it like you added it in edit mode. (And be mindful of which object is active when using ctrl-J, cause that’s the one who’s settings and mats and all will be kept.)