"Growing" static particles.

I am trying to use keyframes to deform a mesh while hair/ fur grows from the face and head. Think of it as animating the transformation of a man into a werewolf.

I have experimented with Texture Controlled Emissions to little avail. http://www.blender.org/cms/New_Particle_options_a.721.0.html I can control length with a blended texture but experiments with time IPOs seem to indicate that static particles exist outside of normal time parameters since settings lower than 0 don’t seem to effect particle generation.

Currently I’m experimenting with using an Alpha IPO on an emitter or using IPO layers to simply “switch” between identical objects, each with progressively “longer” hair. This last one has really left me frustrated as objects seem to switch to either disappear or switch layers randomly upon animation.

I’m not looking for anybody to hold my hand here since I really want to learn blender and I think trial and error is often the best way but do any of you oldtime blenderheads have an idea of an option I hadn’t mentioned above or what looks the most promissing out of the things I am trying?



ahhh very cool…

ok you can use various curves and allow the particles to grow from them…

hmm…for example… imagine a sphere turning into a sunflower…