Grungy Warehouse


This is only the second scene I have made (that hasn’t been following a tutorial pretty much to a T) using Blender. My first scene was a bit of a disaster so I decided I would rather not share it with you guys. I expect that there are many problems with it at the moment, and would like some feedback. The render is not the best quality yet as I don’t wish to spend hours waiting for it when it isn’t a final render, hopefully it will be enough to give you an idea though.

To Do List

  • Add debris to the floor
  • Add a door/window frame to the little room
  • Add some items in the room to give it some kind of purpose (a desk with some items on it or something along those lines)
  • Add some mould to the all in the corner (I think I need something to justify the leaky rust from the girders and the metal roof on the room at the moment, and mould might give more of an appearance that there is a lot of moisture getting through)
  • Fix the brick texture underneath the window so that it lines up with the rest of it

Specific areas I’d like feedback on

  • Textures and materials - how to make them look more realistic
  • The leaking rust decals - do they fit the scene? I like them in a sense but I’m not 100% sure you’d get that effect unless a lot of moisture was getting in. Any ideas that could add more believability to this would be appreciated (a broken skylight perhaps?)
  • Anything else you think I could/should add to improve the scene


Interesting scene. Might be a little too much leaking rust for me, but i like the decals. Can just impinge the room full with props, think it will look cool!
I might have added a small hole in the wall missing some bricks at some place too break up the regularity abit. (maybe add something cool bwehind the wall, perhaps pipes? )

I spent some time on the textures today, and the leaking rust looks a lot more subtle now, so I’m more pleased with how its looking.

I’ve also added a door/window frame and some dirt on the floor in a few areas.

I’ve been working on it a bit the past couple of days, and it’s currently rendering, so I’ll post the updated scene when its done.

Here’s the latest render (with post processing on Photoshop)